Eleanor's Story - Part 2

Ingrid Garner wrote and performs the internationally acclaimed, theatrical adaptation of her grandmother Eleanor Ramrath Garner's award-winning memoir, detailing her youth as an American caught in WWII Berlin.

Festival audiences also have the exclusive opportunity to see Eleanor's Story Part 1 - An American Girl in Hitler's Germany at 1pm. Tickets are available for each show individually or as a discounted ticket for both shows

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Part 2: Life After War

Written by Ingrid Garner

From the creator of the international sensation 'Eleanor's Story: An American Girl In Hitler's Germany' comes the highly anticipated sequel, detailing life after war.

Eleanor managed to survived WWII as an enemy alien in Nazi Berlin, but upon her long-awaited return to the U.S., she sorrowfully discovers that her beloved America is now foreign to her.

She yearns for normalcy as she attempts to navigate U.S. high school, haunted by war trauma.

Please note that this show and the prequel are excluded from the Best/ Lifetime Friends Multibuy discount.


MAY 2022

Adults £15. Children (12+ guidance) £11.50

Ticket for both shows: Adults £21.50. Children £14 (12+ guidance).

All prices include a £1.50 booking fee.