Be Charlotte

Some pop stars make music for the sake of it. But for Be Charlotte - 21 year-old Dundonian - music is about meaning. 

Since starting to find her voice as a teenager in her native Dundee, Be Charlotte has been all about finding inner strength and inspiring others to do the same, and is ready to speak up. 

Leaving school at 17 to concentrate on music, she has played extensively around Europe, North America and Africa, honing her songwriting craft by taking in influences from classic songwriters, modern pop and hip hop. 

Taking on a male-dominated industry, Be Charlotte aims to challenge that hegemony with her mix of anthemic songwriting, shimmering pop synth sounds and banging beats. You can dance to her music, but there's meaning behind it too. 

A fierce sense of identity and self-worth runs through her music. In the lyrics, the listener will find hope, and words that encourage them to discover strength within themselves, rather than seeking it in validation from strangers. She's not a perfect princess figure and never will be. 

Some people have a voice, but are too afraid to use it. Don't be afraid. 


Event open to all ages. 

Photography by Jens Koch


Adults £16.50

Children £14.50

All prices include a £1.50 booking fee.